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Simple overview of composition and structure of sewage pump

Issuing time:2022-10-31 15:53

The sewage pump is developed by introducing advanced technical forces at home and abroad. All performance indicators have reached the technical level of similar products abroad. Because of the use of single channel impeller and the use of two groups of cemented carbide mechanical seals made of special materials for dynamic seals, it is non clogging, durable, accurate in shape, convenient in use and maintenance, high in efficiency, and significant in energy conservation. It is a new product for the renewal of pumps in China.

People pay more and more attention to it, and the scope of use is also getting wider and wider, from the original pure water to the current domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, liquid feed and so on. It plays a very important role in municipal engineering, industry, hospital, construction, hotel, water conservancy and other industries.


Its basic structure is composed of six parts: impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring and stuffing box. The impeller is the core part of the sewage pump. Its speed is high and its output is large. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass the static balance test before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller shall be smooth to reduce the friction loss of water flow. The pump body, also known as the pump housing, is the main body of the water pump. It plays a supporting and fixing role and is connected with the bracket for installing the bearing. The function of the pump shaft is to connect the motor with the coupling to transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main part to transmit mechanical energy. The bearing is a component that is sleeved on the pump shaft to support the pump shaft, and there are two kinds of rotating bearing and sliding bearing.

The sealing ring is also called the leakage reducing ring. Excessive clearance between the impeller inlet and the pump casing will cause the water in the high-pressure area of the pump to flow to the low-pressure area through this clearance, affecting the pump output and reducing the efficiency! Too small clearance will cause abrasion between impeller and pump housing. In order to increase the return resistance and reduce internal leakage, and delay the service life of the impeller and pump casing, a sealing ring is installed at the inner edge of the pump casing and the outer auxiliary joint of the impeller, and the sealing gap should be kept between 0.25-1.10mm.

The packing box is mainly composed of packing, water seal ring, packing cylinder, packing gland and water seal pipe. The stuffing box is mainly used to close the gap between the pump housing and the pump shaft, so as to prevent the water flow inside the pump from flowing outside and prevent the outside air from entering the pump. Always maintain a vacuum in the water pump! When the heat generated by the friction between the pump shaft and the packing, it is necessary to rely on the water seal pipe to hold the water in the water seal ring to cool the packing! Keep the water pump running normally.

Therefore, pay special attention to the inspection of the stuffing box during the operation patrol inspection of the sewage pump! The packing shall be replaced after 600 hours of operation.

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