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How to build a complete sewage lifting system!

Issuing time:2022-11-10 14:22

For a complete set of sewage lifting system, it is not only necessary to solve the drainage of each water point, but also to ensure the reliability and stability of drainage. In case of power failure or water return in the basement, the equipment shall be used for treatment in time to avoid greater losses. A complete set of sewage lift pump station consists of three types of equipment (pump station+manual diaphragm pump+vacuum sucker pump)

Sewage lift pump station

The sewage lift pump station is a sewage discharge equipment consisting of a motor, a box, a control system, etc. It can connect multiple water points, such as closestool, shower, bathtub, hand basin, kitchen, washing machine, etc. The sewage generated in life enters the closed water collecting tank of the sewage lift through the gravity drainage pipe. When the liquid level in the water collecting tank of the sewage lift reaches the pump starting level, the sewage pump will start automatically, The centrifugal force generated by the motor driven impeller is discharged into the municipal drainage system through the water inlet, check valve and pipeline of the water collecting tank. When the liquid level in the water collecting tank drops to the pump stop level, the sewage pump will stop working.


Manual diaphragm pump

In case of power failure, the equipment cannot be used for drainage, and in case of equipment failure, the reciprocating pressure can be used for manual drainage in coordination with the manual diaphragm pump.

Vacuum sucker pump

When the equipment pit is required for the sewage lifting equipment, a vacuum suction cup pump shall be reserved at the lowest point to prevent the water return or external overflow in the basement. Once the water return and overflow occur, the sewage can be pumped to a minimum of 1mm.

The above figure shows the electronic liquid level switch ENS1.1 of FSP330 vacuum suction cup pump. The left metal bar is for grounding protection, the left two metal bars are for stop liquid level, the left three metal bars are for start liquid level, and the left four metal bars are for alarm liquid level.

Moreover, FSP330 is a portable "mobile" sewage lifting device. Fish tank, floor drain and condensate can be drained, and sewage can be pumped to a minimum of 1mm.

Build a complete sewage lifting system: lifting pump station+manual diaphragm pump+vacuum suction cup pump, so that you can use water freely and happily no matter where you are.

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