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How to select a proper toilet sewage lift pump

Issuing time:2022-11-10 14:21

The bathroom in the basement is a place where we need to solve many drainage problems. Many people will ask how to choose a proper sewage lift pump in the bathroom? Next, Radisson will introduce it to us.


First of all, we should know that the sewage discharged from the toilet contains toilet paper, feces and other sundries, so we should choose a sewage lift pump with a cutting and grinding system. Secondly, for the toilet lift pump, we can completely consider using a small model of equipment to solve the problem. The equipment is directly installed behind the toilet or in the cabinet, and the sewage is directly collected into the box for drainage. For example, the Radisson Super20 can discharge sewage from toilets, showers, washing machines and wash basins at the same time, and the equipment is equipped with a powerful cutting knife to cut feces and toilet paper discharged from the toilet into pieces for removal, so as to place the toilet where the pipes are blocked due to hardness.

Of course, in terms of later maintenance, the Super20 is equipped with a backwash device to flush the inner wall of the box and the cutting knife at the same time when draining water, so as to ensure the overall cleanness of the inside of the box and avoid the trouble of our daily maintenance.

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