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Why should the household booster pump choose the variable frequency constant pressure pump?

Issuing time:2022-10-31 15:23

For some large houses or villas, due to the large number of water points, the water pressure may be insufficient during the peak water use period, at this time, the booster pump is required to solve the problem.

When purchasing booster pump, it is generally recommended to use variable frequency constant pressure pump. Because it is really comfortable to use!


How about a comfortable method?


Intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply refers to a water supply mode in which the outlet pressure remains unchanged when the water consumption in the water supply network changes.

for instance:

Use an ordinary water pump, turn on one faucet, and the water flow is large. Turn on two faucets at the same time, and the water flow will be reduced;

Using variable frequency constant pressure water pump, one water point or multiple water points use water at the same time, which will not affect the water flow.


Automatic start stop energy-saving mute

The water pump is selected according to the maximum load point, and the common water pump operates at power frequency, resulting in waste of energy consumption. The variable frequency pump can change the power supply frequency, so as to adjust the load, reduce power consumption, reduce loss, and extend the service life of the equipment.

In short, the variable frequency booster pump will automatically speed up the operation. For example, when the water consumption is low, the pump speed can be maintained at a low state, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also meets the demand.


Reliable quality and convenient operation

Domestic water, comfort is very important, while ensuring comfort, we should also pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. If you are faced with the problem of pump selection, you can tell us privately.

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